Custom Rigid Boxes for Packaging: 3 Types to Meet Your Needs


Packaging is an essential step in the supply chain.  It ensures that products are safely delivered to customers, and it also has a significant effect on customer satisfaction. When your packaging looks good, you have the potential to increase sales by up to 20%.  But when your packaging is boring or doesn’t fit with your company’s brand image, this could decrease customer satisfaction and even lead them to go elsewhere for their product needs.

That’s why we’re going to take a look at three types of custom rigid boxes wholesale for packaging: custom printed boxes, protective cases, and padded mailers!

1 Custom printing box:  

These are the most common type of packaging. They hold a single product and usually have some kind of branding on them to show what company they belong to. Custom printing means that you can get your brand name out there without having anything complicated with the design.

2 Protective cases:

These types of custom rigid boxes tend to be used for smaller items like electronics or jewelry. They’re usually made of plastic, but you can also get metal ones (which provide better protection). The primary purpose is to keep the product safe, and these types of boxes usually have a lid that can be taped or snapped shut.

These boxes are used to hold fragile items. They’re usually made from thick cardboard and have some kind of padding inside to keep products safe in transit. If you want extra protection, there are even more options like foam inserts and molded plastic trays!

3 Padded mailers: 

These are small boxes that use a lot of padding to keep items safe. They’re usually made from corrugated material, and they have an adhesive strip on the top flap. To get your package in, you peel off the strip and fold out the flaps. These are great for sending small items, like photos or documents.

In conclusion, there are many different types of custom rigid boxes for packaging. Depending on what you’re sending and who it’s going to, choosing the correct type will ensure that your product arrives safely!