Tech or Touch? Technology Or Personally?


Clients are an interesting factor, certainly we each have to increase the ground we cover every day. Technology is an excellent tool to help us within our daily tasks. However, just when was it an excessive amount of tech and never enough touch? I am likely to make use of the term touch as meaning anything apart from tech. So, touch could be entering someone’s office and talking to them instead of delivering an e-mail or departing a voicemail message.

Using the pressures of your time and the necessity to maximize productive time most of us have arrived at depend on tech., Mobile phones, email, voicemail message, apps with this, programs for your. The main focus within the article isn’t to let you know concerning the latest gadget or application that will help you increase your productive time, rather to help you get to consider the usage of touch.

I don’t think there’s an equation for knowing precisely if you have entered the road when it comes to an excessive amount of tech. and never enough touch. But I will tell you the proper utilization of touch could be a effective tool running a business relationship building, communication and business development.

Good purposes of tech.

Quick inter office email (general topics / non-critical topics)

Scheduling meeting – via Doodle / outlook / email

iPhone – calendar, tasks, contacts, web – everything in the users hand of the hands

iPad – calendar, tasks, contacts, camera, web, mobile everything

Texting – To allow someone know you’re running late to have an appointment

Business Networking Sites – Good, try not to permit this to replace, mixers, business social groups etc…

I am sure you are able to consider many more, the purpose here though is by using tech. when touch is not required. Touch can also add nuance or highlight a scenario that tech. cannot.

Good purposes of touch.

A Handwritten thanks card / note to a different business affiliate or potential client conveys truthfulness and also the importance you set about this new relationship. There is nothing wrong by having an email or voicemail message, however if you simply want that extra punch, sit lower and hands write a thanks.

An appointment or personal visit rather of the email when confronted with a fragile situation conveys the significance you set on resolving the problem. Written responses are occasionally necessary when confronted with a scenario that needs documentation or when touch isn’t a viable choice for various reasons.

However, there are lots of situations that arise in business setting when because of the proper touch can change a possible negative right into a positive situation or at the minimum defuse the problem to something a lot more manageable. Remember, your true intentions can be more precisely communicated personally, than on the telephone or perhaps an email. Written communication can many occasions be misconstrued since you cannot convey inflection of voice, or facial expression, nor are you able to read these within the person you’re contacting.